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January 26, 2006
This is Shannon.Testing...testing...What with having both "Heroin(e)" and "Sheiks" in our
moniker there must be some twisted COLONEL FLAGG (from M.A.S.H., Junior) types out there sniffing around the site by now. I'd put the WHITEHOUSE on the mailing list but at shows GOVERNMENT SNITCHES refuse pay to get in,they don't tip and they NEVER buy merch, they just take pictures of it.
Anyway,we're back to business, having re-inserted ourselves back into the daily grind, post tour.
We have a couple of SHOWS coming up shortly,on FEBRUARY THIRD and FOURTH (BALTIMORE and NYC, see the "shows" link). They'll be the last shows for awhile,maybe until our SPRING TOUR, as we buckle down and write the NEXT ALBUM.We don't have a working title for it yet, but this I promise: There will be no PUNS in it.
The "Aferica" reviews have been trickling in. The place to read all things H SHEIK is WWW.MARKPRINDLE.COM, the guy is the best reviewer in NYC...he actually LIKES music! He reviews anything that walks and half that crawls, and he's funny as shit.

And now, some FAQ's:
Q:"How come the "FORUM" section is gone? Does it "mean" something bad?
A: Nope, we just got bored with it.

Q:"How did the tour go?"
A: Well, fine. If you want to know more than that, you'll have to wait until one of us PUBLISHES

Q:"What the fuck is 'OUT OF AFERICA' supposed to mean?"
A: It has to do with CULTURAL IMPERIALISM and ANTHROPOLOGY, man-- what do I have to do, draw you a picture? Oh yeah, I ALREADY DID.

Q:"Aren't SCIENCE jokes for NERDS?"
A: Stay in school, buddy. There's a whole dissertation in that title.I've tried to raise the bar, intellectually speaking-- it's up to you to do some pull-ups.You wanna be a well-rounded person don't you?

Q:"What DRUGS are best for listening to the new CD?"
A: I have to operate under the assumption that the listener can't afford drugs,or perhaps doesn't even DO any. Me? I'm an alchoholic, sort of -- don't let the band name fool you (in fact,I was drunk when I thought of it)-- but there's something in there for everyone. It's inclusive like that.

Q:"What is 'COCK ASIA" about?"
A: It is a moving tale of poor,hard working immigrants entering the country I left off of the map--namely "WEST COCK ASIA"(hint: it has a big FRENCH STATUE standing in front of it).

Q:"But isn't that what AFERICA is supposed to be?"
A: Leave me alone.

Q:"Aren't POLITICAL jokes for NERDS?"

Q:"When are you guys gonna finally put up that MERCH PAGE like you've been yakking about for two years? I mean, I can't find the album anywhere in my SHIT-HOLE TOWN, and you never play here or if you do I'm too tired or broke to go, or I get too wasted and I forget?"
A: Soon.Very soon. And I mean it this time, you'll see. Maybe ANY MINUTE....wait...I just actually READ the site and it IS up! It's very well done! In fact, it turns out that I am the weak link--that I need to update it more often...
Look here, here is a quote from WEBMASTER: "also will be updating the merch info. It's just the front page with a sales banner that you click on for either the CD or the DVD, then that takes you to ordering info. Also, talk about the LIMITED EDITION of 100 LIVE DVDs and how they are almost gone, but the remaining can be ordered through the site." Like I said, any minute.

Q:"When are the COWS getting back together?"
A: Mommy and Daddy aren't together anymore, see? We still love each other, but we're
not IN love, understand? No?

Q:"Who are the COWS? I never heard of them."
A: Simple.Just GOOGLE the word "cows".
....alright,enough already.....

WE LIKE 'EM--- A Queens band,THE STIFF SICKS. There were only eight people at the show,ME and CREIGHTON included, but Holy Shit! They had some huge SAMOAN dude with them who was
photographing and finger-printing everyone at the door. For bravado's sake I winked at him-- he
didn't dig it. Now, I've seen lot's of bands in drag, but they tried to make US put on dresses!
Creepy scene, kinda "prison-y".In a BAD way.




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